Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making Extraordinary Days

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Busy times. So three or fours weeks ago I was making some goals for my life and the attitude I wanted to have. I was preparing to start my last semester of undergrad and getting all my classes figured out and thought it a good time to relook at the direction I am headed. One of the goals I came up with was I wanted to make each day extraordinary. I was tired of ordinary days and wanted to add the "extra" to them to make them extraordinary. I wasn't looking to feed a thousand starving kinds in Africa every day but just simple little everyday things. Writing a note to an old friend. making someone smile or making someones day. Just small simple things to go a little above and beyond each day.

I think I suffer from something that alot of people do and that is when I make a goal I seem to do well for a week or two while I have momentum but then loose sight of it and fall back into old habits. So I decided with this one I was going to try something new. I bought me a notebook and decided everyday I was going to write in there what I did that day to make it extraordinary. I figured this way I would have to make an extra effort everyday to make sure I did something that I could write in my book. This way I have a way of following up on myself everyday too to make sure I am working on my goal. I also have someone who texts me everyday and asks me what I did to make my day extraordinary. That way I am accountable to someone else too.

So far it has worked out pretty well. For example for the things I can write for today I went shopping with my roommate because he wanted someone to go with him. At the hospital I decided to smile at every person I saw in the halls. Everytime I was in the elevator I talked to the person in there with me and asked them how their day was. And I had a kiddo that had just finished his last round of chemo and got platelets today. He was feeling sick and came into the playroom. He just layed in the corner on a bean bag we had there. I dumped out a little bucket that some legos in it because he was starting to throw up. I sat there and rubbed his back while he threw up. (I know I like to have my back rubbed when I throw up.) I helped him rinse his mouth and got him a blanket and rubbed his back as he fell asleep on the bean bag. He slept there on the bean bag for a couple hours. It's just the little things I have tried to do to go above and beyond just a little bit. I didn't do anything amazing. I don't know if I helped anyones day. But I sure smiled alot more today. I made my day extraordinary, at least to me.


Midlife Midwife said...

Great post. I know you may not think it was extraordinary but that little sick boy will always remember your kindness. Ordinary for you, but extraordinary for him. It's those little things that change people's lives. Good for you for working on your goals. You made my day better just reading your blog. Keep it up, I am proud of you.

Photography By Jo said...

Ah, I think maybe that is something I should work on. I would love to make just small differences in the world.

Omega said...

Love the blog. The world needs more people that are willing to make a difference in peoples lives. I have alays been grateful for people who did something estraordinary for me, and influenced my life for the better.